Hôtel Clos Marcel


Carte - Menu Zen

Starter - Main - Dessert - 45 €


Shrimp cromesquis, chipotle pepper mayonnaise, wakame salad, pastis cress16 € Gravlax salmon with five spices, glazed with maple syrup, beetroots, Jerusalem artichoke gel 16 €
Snails from the Droisette farm with chopped parsley and garlic, whipped cream with hazelnut butter, tahoon cress 15 € Plantains bananas and black pudding, passion fruit sauce, red shiso15 €
Cream of organic vegetable soup from the Bouquet Savoyard, truffle oil, chestnuts slivers, vegetal whipped cream 14 €


Half duck breast from South-West of France glazed with honey, soy and citrus fruit peel, carrot mousseline with cumin, forgotten carrots25 €Rack of Irish lamb cooked at low temperature, gratin dauphinois with mushrooms and while truffle oil, strong gravy26 €
Arctic Char fillet unilateral cooked, celery mousseline, braised fennel, white butter with herbs, atsina cress26 €Half-cooked tuna sashimi with sesame and blue poppy, seasonal vegetables, Thai sauce25 €
Organic eggs cooked at low temperature, on seasonal vegetables, crispy panisse flavoured with shiso22 €

Our vegetables are organic and come from Bouquet Savoyard a GAEC in Sévrier


Cheeses from La Crèmerie des Marchés - Marc Dubouloz12 €Soft almonds cake, caramelized apple balls, crème brulée flavoured with Madagascar vanilla, honey ice cream13 €
Ivory 35%® chocolate sphere, vanilla mousse, chestnut core, speculoos shortbread12 €Swiss meringue, ganache of soymilk with tonka and vegetable cream, caramelized hazelnuts and biscuit11 €
Iced parfait with yuzu, kalamansi, lime and lemon, vanilla shortbread, thyme ice cream14 €Creamy dark chocolate Guanaja 70%®, soft praline core, almond and pistachio, oat ice cream14 €

Our desserts are made with the famous Valrhona® chocolate.

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