Hôtel Clos Marcel



Marc DUBOULOZ, Cheese - Refiner

For three generations, the Dubouloz family from Annecy have Shared a passion for cheese ripening. Marc Dubouloz takes over the family business after 10 years alongside his father Jacques, who won the " Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2004.
It is the respect of the tradition, the expert transmits to his team his "savoir-faire", his requirement and his love for the products in the cellars dig under their House. In order to offer an irreprochable quality of cheese that meets their expectations, Marc is a master in the ripening of cheeses. He work directly with producers and all the cheeses are refined in the cellar in order to perfect them. 


Bouquet Savoyard

Small farm of 3ha which is located by the lake, Le Bouquet Savoyard is a vegetable and floral farm. Organic vegetables and seasonal flowers, to be discovered in the culinary inspiration of our Menu. 


Charles CHOCOLARTISANT - Pâte A Tartiner

Artisanal Chocolate Factory specializing in chocolat spread without palm oil. Made by Roland Charles, Master Artisan Chocolatier, and directly from cocoa and raw materials, without coloring, preservatives or flavors. A spread without transformation or chemistry, but where all the troth remains in its gross value. Perfect alliance between ecology and pleasure ! 


Brewery Veyrat

Brewery Veyrat has been located in Haute Savoie in Marcellaz-Albanais since 2014. It produces beers with character ofen hopped but also original beeres according to the seasons, especially with carrot or pumpkin. Manu and Aline, the bewers, grow part of their hops and barley on the family farm. They travel the world on a bicycle trip with the desire to discover new flavors , and each beer has a name linked to one of their trips. 


Farm of Droisette

The Droisette farm Snail raises and transforms its on snails. In the town of Mognard in Savoie, nestles in a green steiing dedicated to the Helix aspersa maxima. A helicultural farm where around 200.000 gastropods evolve in an open air setting to be raised naturally and prepared by the farm. The Droisette Snail is fed exclusively organically. 



Gula offers good products with a limited impact on ecology. Of course, the products are note always local, but eating dried can make a real difference to the environment. Heatly, diversified snacks, good for the body and tasty, all that in a reponsible bio plastic packaging (mixture of celluose and corn strach) industrially composable. 

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